Why is it that when you have the opportunity to sleep in, your pets don’t seem to care? My cat and 2 dogs do not let me sleep past 6:30 EVER! The cat jumps on and off the bed, circling the bed and in the process, stepping on us, until we are awake. Not to be outdone, the dogs stand up and shake over and over again. Their tags clang together and their ears slap their heads. Everyone wants to eat and, apparently, 12 hours is their limit between meals . So I am up and writing in my blog, by 7:15 (after feeding everyone, of course).

All our pets are adopted. Our cat showed up on our front porch 2 years ago on my daughter’s birthday. It was a very cold night – in the single digits. It was dark and some of our guests were leaving. When I walked them to the door, I turned the porch light on and saw a very small black kitten. Being an animal lover, I ran outside (no coat or shoes). In the process, I spooked him and he ran near my car on the driveway. He jumped into the wheel well and meowed. We brought him into the house and the first thing my husband said was “we are not keeping that cat”.

He was very small, about 2 lbs and all black. I know having a black cat cross your path is bad luck, but what about finding him on your porch and inviting him into your lives? All the kids at the party wanted to take pictures of with him and my daughter wished on her birthday cake that we could keep him. My husband was ambushed. After a $120.00 trip to the vet the next day, I declared the cat was ours. The vet estimated his age as 6-8 weeks and we think he came from the farmhouse that is about a mile up the road. I guess he stopped at the right house….

The dogs came from a shelter about 50 miles from our house. We had to put our other dog down (again, long story for another time) and we wanted another dog. I love Labs, so that is what we were looking for. My kids and I spent hours on Petfinder.com looking for dogs that we liked. I knew I didn’t want another puppy so we were looking for a dog that was 1 -2 years old. My kids were a little disappointed by that, so my husband offered them one puppy or two adult dogs. They went with the two adults. One of the shelters had two black lab mixes (although mixed with what is the question) who were 1 1/2 year old sisters. They had been adopted out together as puppies and returned to the shelter after a year when the family had to downsize. They are the sweetest dogs and we took them home that same day. They lay peacefully sleeping at my feet as I write and looking at them now, I feel sort of bad complaining about them waking me up. I hope they feel some guilt when they wake me from my peaceful sleep!