Last night we went to a birthday party at our friend’s house for their daughter. While the kids played in the basement, the adults played a game called The Game of THINGS. This is a great game for a group. A reader reads the first card which may say “things to make work more exciting” or “things you wouldn’t want to find in your Christmas stocking”. Everyone besides the reader writes their answer on a small piece of paper. The reader than takes those answers and reads them aloud. (We added an extra step where another person writes all the answers down as they are read to remember them better. You don’t want everyone to see the handwriting on the papers.) Now the person to the left of the reader takes the list and tries to guess who said what. For every right guess, you get a point. When someone guesses your answer, you are out.

As you can imagine, the answers can go from clean to well, not as clean. The idea is to throw off the other people so they don’t guess what you said. As I said, it is a great game for a group. We played with both men and women and the guys had as much fun as we did.