A couple days ago I wrote about deals at Jewel, including this great program called Your Bucks. You can sign up with their site using your Jewel card and you get coupons back for $$ off your next purchase. The first time I tried it, I got back $54.50 in coupons. I went back yesterday to see if I could get same deals or if they were limited to a one time use. Guess what? They are NOT! I got many of the same deals and got an additional $20.00 back in coupons. I did find out that purchasing multiple items of the same product does not give you multiple coupons. For example, if you get two cartons of eggs, you will only get one $1.00 coupon. Also, they are sticklers on the fine print. I was trying to get the $5.00 back if you spend $50.00, but I didn’t read that the total is after coupons/gift cards so that one did not print out. Also, you must give your card at the beginning of the transaction as the coupons print out as the items are scanned.

So I looked for Catalina deals at other stores. I could not find Your Bucks deals anywhere else. (Jewel’s deals run through May 4th.) I did find another website listing deals that are NATIONWIDE. These deals can be used at any grocery store that is participating in the Catalina Deals. This blog has tons of other couponing info so take a minute to look around.

After work today I am going to shop at Walgreens for their deals. I’ll let you know later what I found.