National Professional Petsitter’s Week is March 7-13th. (I would have told everyone earlier, but National Procrastination Week was last week and well, you know.) A petsitter is a contracted service provider who takes care of a pet in its own home, as defined by Wikipedia. As many of you know, I am a petsitter, in addition to being a dog groomer and wannabe writer. Petsitting is a great business for women with children. I started my petsitting business in 2006. Here are the benefits and disadvantages of the job:

Benefits: 1) You never have to dress up; hair in a pony and no make up is fine with the dogs. PJs are also acceptable. 2)You get lots of exercise and fresh air by walking the dogs and if the houses are close enough, you can ride your bike. 3)You can bring the kids along. Most of the dogs have kids in their house so they are always happy to see another “puppy”. 4) The hours include 4 visits a day, leaving you time in between to do what you want.

Disadvantages: 1)Walking in the rain, freezing temps or blasting heat SUCKS! 2) You are busy while others are on vacation.  3) Some stretches of time you don’t have a day off for weeks. 4) Picking up dog poop – what more do I need to say.

Overall, I think it is a great job. I love animals, especially dogs, so it gives me the opportunity to have a lot of dog friends. BTW, I forgot add in the benefits that your clients don’t talk back or play games. If they don’t like you, they bite you and you know where you stand with them. (However, biting can be viewed as a disadvantage!)

Don’t forget to wish your petsitter a Happy National Professional Petsitter’s Week!