Hello, my name is Pam and I am a Listaholic! I make lists everyday. I keep them all over the house – some are put away in drawers and some are right out in the open for people to see! My friends have commented on them, laughed at them and when I was not looking, added things to them. I don’t care. Lists keep me grounded. They are my security blanket. I don’t like the feeling that I am forgetting something, so when a thought pops in my head, I write it down.

Here’s how it happens: I take the last bottle of ketchup – it goes on the grocery list. I hear a song on the radio that I want to add to my ipod, I put it on a list. I hear about a good book – it goes on a list that I bring to the library. Movie that I missed in the theaters? Goes on my Netflix list. It multiplies from there. I took a minute this morning to find all the lists I have in the house right now. Sadly, I have found ten!

Is this a sickness? Am I alone in my crazy list making? How else to people remember it all? Maybe I can start a list of other ways to keep track of things…