So I was looking around for deals again last night – who is surprised? I was visiting one of my favorite sites, Money Saving Mom and she had this post about House Party. House Party is a website that gets hosts (like you) and brand name sponsors offering their newest foods, drinks, products, CDs, etc. The idea of House Party is that the party, say for Red Baron pizza, is hosted on the same day (which is assigned) by 1,000 hosts all over the country. Red Baron would send you a box containing their newest pizza flavor asking you to try it out at your party. House Party gets the hosts and the sponsors together, then offers invitations, party ideas,  and a chance to communicate with the other hosts of the party by blogging or sharing pictures. It’s a good marketing idea. You get a free party, your guests get to share/taste/try out whatever product you are hosting the product for and the company gets the word out. Try before you buy. Sign up is easy and free. Check out the current parties here!

I also added a button on my blog from Money Saving Mom. It is her series called “31 Days to a Better Grocery Budget”. Click on it to check it out!