I used to coupon the way most people do. On Sunday morning, I read the paper and went through the coupons. I cut what I needed and threw the rest in the recycling bin. I even went a step further and put them in envelopes. I brought the envelopes with me to the grocery store and pulled them out as I shopped. I shopped as I needed things and didn’t really stock up on sales. I usually used a coupon as soon as they came out and many of them went out of date before they were used. (Little did I know until I started super couponing, Dominick’s accepts coupons up to one year past its date.)

I went to this free class at my church. It was a DVD of a local woman named Jill Cataldo who showed us how to super coupon. She was recently on Nightline in a challenge with another couponer from Kentucky. They had to show us what they could buy with $50.00. You can watch it here.

So I went to Walgreens today. I looked through the ad this week on my own and just found some aluminum foil on sale. It was 59 cents for 20 ft. I planned to by three of them. However, before I went, I checked out some of the couponing sites I visit and found even more deals and more coupons online. Here is what I bought:

4 Kraft Velveeta Cups – on sale for $1.00, I had 2 Buy one Get one coupons and then got $1.50 back in a register reward from Kraft (13 cents ea!)

1 Dentek Dental Floss – on sale for $2.00, got $2.00 back in register rewards (Free!)

3 Walgreens brand Aluminum Foil 20 ft. rolls – on sale for 59 cents – normally $1.19 (50% off!)

2 Betty Crocker Brownie Warm Delights – on sale for $1.00 and I had a 50 cent and 75 cent coupon (75 cents for 2)

1 Walgreens brand 100 tablet women’s vitamins – on sale for $3.00, got $3.00 back in register rewards (Free!)

2 Airwick iMotion scented oil – on sale for $3.99, I had two $4.00 coupons (They paid me 2 cents to buy!)

2 Airwick Fresh Matic scented oil – on sale for $3.00, I had two $4.00 coupons (They paid me 2 cents to buy!)

Sure I saved a lot, but will I use those things? I normally buy store brand vitamins and my kids love those shell and cheese cups. I needed the foil and it was 1/2 price. I get to try the Warm Delights, the 4 Airwicks (normally I buy ones from Bath and Body Works) and the dental floss for next to nothing.  I wouldn’t have saved the coupons or known about the deals if I didn’t super coupon.

I spent $10.07 ($1.59 of that was tax). I got $6.50 back in register rewards that I can use at Walgreens, Jewel or Dominicks. I spent about 30 minutes reading the couponing blogs and printing/clipping the coupons. How much is my time worth? According to my receipt, I saved $45.31. I WISH I made $90.00 an hour. Definitely worth it!