I really believe that in order to have a good day, you need to find one hour of “me time”. One hour in 24 is NOT a lot. I am sure you spend more than one hour each day doing something you don’t like. I know I spend more than an hour each day doing laundry, the never ending job!

I know that one whole hour in a row is not always possible. I am a working mom so I understand how over-scheduled a day can be. However, if I don’t schedule time for myself, I am a huge crab! The saying is true at our house, “If mom isn’t happy, no one is happy.”

You can find one hour if you try. Get up early, stay up late or break the hour up into two 1/2 hours. Breaking the time into six, 10 minute breaks defeats the idea of “me time”.

I know that even the moms with young kids can find “me time”. That is why they invented nap time and/or TV. Don’t waste that time doing laundry or dishes. That stuff will still be there when you are done with your time.

Here are examples of “me time”: get your nails done, read a book, surf the internet, go for a run. “Me time” is just that. A totally selfish hour of the day to do what you want to do, without interruption. Here are examples of what is not “me time”: going grocery shopping by yourself, a date night with your husband, going to Bunco. Although those are all important things, they are not selfish acts. Think of all the things you do for others during the day – your boss, your kids, your husband. You work hard all day. Don’t you deserve one hour (less than 5% of  a day) to spend on yourself?

What are you doing during your “me time” today?