I have been a Girl Scout Leader for 5 years. We started out at the Daisy level, bridged to Brownies and are now completing our first year as Juniors.

I always wanted to be a Girl Scout. When I was in first grade, I was so jealous of those girls wearing their Brownie Vests. (My daughters hardly ever wore their vests!) One of my friends was a Blue Jay and I really wanted to be one, too. Unfortunately, my mom did not share my enthusiasm so that never happened.

Both my daughters were Girl Scouts. My oldest daughter had two great leaders and has a lot of memories from the things they did. She still scrapbooks today – an activity that she first did with her troop. When my younger daughter was old enough for Girl Scouts, I roped in two friends and became her troop leader. We have done so many things and gone to so many places that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Our troop has done service projects like singing at a retirement home, collecting for an animal shelter, touring and collecting for Loaves and Fishes and stuffing Christmas Stockings for the IL Troops in Iraq. We’ve done fun things like pottery, bowling, crafts and local tours. We even did an overnight at a Girl Scout camp, although it was hardly “camping”.

I am thrilled to finally be a Girl Scout and my daughter’s leader. I hope these times we have spent together are forever in her memory. If you were a Girl Scout and fondly remember the things you did, you can thank a Girl Scout Leader. If your leader was your mom, call her up to wish her a Happy Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day!