My husband bought me an iPad about six weeks ago. It was not my birthday, our anniversary or Mother’s Day. I asked him what the occasion was and he told me that he knew I loved to write and thought I would like it. (awwww!) A side note here: We have 5 other computers in the house, so I had plenty of opportunity to write on those.

I have to say that I didn’t know what to do with it. Since I wouldn’t spend that much money on myself, (I usually spend money on braces, groceries, cello lessons, etc.) I never even looked into the capabilities of the iPad. When my son saw it, he voiced what I was thinking – “It looks like a giant iTouch”. What would I do with this thing?

So I started playing with it. (There is no instruction manual that comes with it. You can view it online. That’s fine. Save paper, unless my husband is selling it!) It has some really cool features. It takes a little while to learn to type on the small keypad. I downloaded my iTunes library and some apps. Not all the iPhone/iTouch apps work for iPad yet. That is the downside to buying a new tech gadget.

While online, I checked out the accessories for the iPad and stumbled upon free classes they have at the Apple store. Since we have an Apple store in town, I signed up for “Meet your new iPad”.

Clearly this class was set up for the technically challenged and taught by a “man” closer in age to my daughter than me. I really felt out of place. The class of six was filled with four grandmother-types and one other woman my age. She came in 15 minutes late with the “fresh out of the salon” look. So, Marc, our instructor, showed us all the elementary parts of the iPad that I figured out by just playing with it. I learned only one or two tricks in the hour I was there so it was really disappointing. However, I had to laugh when Marc was talking about the iTunes area. He was showing us that on the back of the album cover, you can see the list of songs in the album. He said something like “Remember when we used to buy CDs and you could see the what songs were on the album?” I thought, remember when they were actually albums?

Despite my Apple store class, I really do like the iPad. I use it daily and find it very addicting. Good thing it has a long battery charge!