I think we have a sign in our yard written in an universal animal language. It reads “Animals Welcome Here”.

We have plenty of wildlife in our yard, which is funny since we live on former farm land. Yesterday it was a bird stuck in the garage. Last week my husband found a bunny hole in the yard when he was mowing. Three baby bunnies shot out as he push the mower close to the hole. When I came out to see what was going on, two more shot out. We spent the week making sure the dogs didn’t find them.

My dogs must attract the animals, too. Our dog, Anna, has pulled birds out of their nests and eaten a bunny’s head off (it wasn’t chocolate!). Anna was the dog that chased the rabbit under the deck and then got stuck on Christmas morning.

Stray domestic animals show up here all the time. I always find lost dogs near our yard. I stop them and then call the number on their tags. We have one dog that runs away from home to our house all the time. His name is Jackson. He just shows up every couple of months and waits for us to find him. Our dogs usually let us know he is here. We give him a treat and call his family. He knows the drill. Last month when Jackson was here, he brought another dog with him!

Our most famous stray still lives with us. Smuckers showed up 2 1/2 years ago on a cold December night. He was on the front porch when I was opening the door for our departing guests. We brought the 6 week old kitten in and fed him left over chicken fajitas. He now spends his day curled up on a king sized bed.

I just hope the skunks can’t read!