In my former life, I worked in the printing industry. I was both a graphic artist and a production coordinator. I worked on both Macs and PCs daily. I was proficient in several different programs – most of which I was self taught. I knew all the keyboard shortcuts and all the acronyms. I was the go-to person before they called in IT. I did all the software installation, back ups and wasn’t afraid to take the cover off the computer and poke around the hardware. I knew my stuff.

Then I burned out. I was done with graphics and everything that went along with it. When I quit my job, I sold my Mac and all the software. I shelved the laser printer, the scanner and several third party items. I kept my PC so my kids had something to use for school and I could check email. It has been four years.

A LOT changes in the tech world in four years. As I am learning more about blogging, I realized that I am no longer fluent in geek. I can probably ask for directions in geek, but I can’t have a conversation with a local. I have to look up acronyms. I am in uncharted waters. Technology has moved on without me.

I am not a complete moron, however. The kids still come to me when the computer, TV and Wii need troubleshooting. Technology is still a big part of our every day. We have five computers, three printers, too many iPods to count and my new iPad so I haven’t totally given up. I am just a little slower on each one.

So now I am back to studying geek again. I am reading books and websites and taking notes. I am posting on forums and learning from “the professionals” (who are probably half my age!). It’s just like riding a bike. Watch out blogosphere, I am back.