As I said before, my summer project is to put all my loose photos in albums and print out those 1000s of digital pictures I have saved on my computer. When I mentioned this in my blog, my cousin responded that she is digitizing all her prints – no more photo albums. I decided that I wanted both. However, the idea of sitting in the basement (where the flatbed scanner is hooked up) for HOURS over the summer did not sound like a lot of fun. So I started looking for a better way to do this.

I searched for people who would scan them for me. First, you have to trust them with your photos and, in most cases, trust that the mail will get them there in one piece. Secondly, the cost was way out of my price range for the number of prints I have. The cost per scan was anywhere from seven cents a scan to 24 cents a scan. The seven cent deal required you to scan 6000 pictures at one time! Ship them across the country and trust them with 6000 pictures at once? I don’t think so.

Then I did a Google search for photo scanners and that lead me to Pandigital via Amazon. I love to buy things on Amazon. I actually read the reviews and that came in handy for the scanner I bought.

It is called the Pandigital Photolink One-Touch Scanner. This scans up to 5 x 7 photos in about 15 seconds. You can choose between 300 and 600 dpi. It is not plugged into a computer and saves the scans to an SD card (which is included). The scanner cost $96.00 and I got free shipping.

I tried it out two days ago. I sat in front of the TV with the scanner and a box of photos on the coffee table. I scanned 110 photos in 30 minutes while the Hawks played in the background. Downloading them to the computer is equally as simple. Plug in a USB cord and copy. The scans came out great!

Yesterday I showed my 10-year-old how to use it. She was looking to earn extra money for the summer. A great deal for both of us. Who doesn’t want a job (even under minimum wage) where you sit in an air-conditioned house in your PJs while watching TV?

The Pandigital comes in a larger size – 8 x 10 – but I didn’t have enough large photos to justify the extra cost. The only photo that doesn’t work are those thick Polaroid photos from the 1970s. I guess I’ll pick a rainy day to scan those in the basement!