Yes, I am actually blogging about laundry. I hate laundry! It is the job that NEVER ends. Even if you spend the day washing sheets and towels and clothes and then get them all folded and put away, you are still ending the day with throwing more clothes in the laundry. It is truly depressing.

My kids have been spoiled by the laundry fairy for a long time. They wear things for a few hours and throw them in the laundry room. Sometimes I wash them without even noticing and sometimes they get put back in their room – unwashed – while I lecture (bitch and moan, really) about how much laundry I do every day. I would love if someone washed my clothes and put them folded neatly on my dresser. All I have to do is put them away? Sign me up!

All my kids play sports. You can imagine how much laundry that makes! Everyone wears their street clothes, then switches to their uniforms/practice clothes and then a fresh pair of PJs every day. How did I let that happen? My mom used to make us wear the same PJs all week. I have the same problem with towels. I use two towels myself – one for hair and one for body. My girls have followed my lead. The really bad part is that we use a towel one time to dry off and it hits the laundry. Not very green, I know. However, I hate to use a wet towel and no one in my family knows how to hang them up – sad!

So, after washing 10 towels that were used by the kids’ friends for a water balloon fight and after finding clean clothes that fell off the hanger in the wash, I decided we needed a change. My 12-year-old will be washing her own clothes and towels from now on.

I know I am causing myself more problems, but maybe, just maybe, she will appreciate what a thankless job laundry is. I know she will leave her clothes in one machine or another and/or leave my clothes in a heap on the dryer to mold. I hope she is annoyed that the clothes have to be turned inside out. I hope she leaves something in the pocket and gets it all over her clothes, and not mine for a change. I am sure she won’t care that the folded clothes become unfolded when she takes a shirt from the middle of the pile. And you know what? I won’t either!