Over the weekend, I filed away all the school papers from May. In the pile was a Mother’s Day booklet that my 8-year-old son made for Mother’s Day Tea. It was called, “Just for You”. Inside the sheets were preprinted to read “I wanted to (blank), but (blank)”. The first page started out “I wanted to clean my room, but the TV was on”. That is so true for him!

As I went through the papers, a lot of them hit the garbage (do we really need to keep every spelling test, worksheet, etc?). As the garbage filled up, I thought, “I should really put this stuff in recycling, but…..” I have such good intentions to be a greener person, but it doesn’t last. I go through phases. For a few weeks I am super green. After a while, it becomes one more thing to do.

So here are my excuses. Can you relate to any of them?

1. I wanted to recycle all the packaging, but really didn’t want to spend the time rinsing out the peanut butter jar. (Honestly, how much water would I use to do that?)

2. I wanted to take a 5 minute shower, but the hot water felt good.

3. I wanted to shut off the car in the pick up line, but it was too hot (or cold) to sit there without the air conditioner (heater) on.

4. I wanted to unplug everything in the house when it is not in use, but I would spend all day following my family around to do so.

5. I wanted to shut off the lights when they were not in use, but I hate to come home to a dark house.

6. I wanted to use the many reusable bags I have, but I left them in the car – AGAIN.

7. I wanted to use a reusable water bottle, but the plastic ones are already filled and ready to go.

8. I wanted to use the “make your own” cleaning supplies, but they really don’t work as well as the bad chemical ones.

9. I wanted to go paperless with my bills, but I am afraid of “out of sight, out of mind”.

10. I wanted to adjust the thermostat to save money, but then what would my husband and I argue about?