Did you ever have one of those mornings where you woke up to find that seven days have passed and you wonder where the time went? Some people may be surprised to find a whole month has flown by. That’s how I felt this morning.

We are on week three of summer break from school (who is counting?). Each day has been similar – work, drive kids to activities/appointments/friends’ houses, do a few things around the house, make a quick dinner, watch my kids play a baseball/softball game, watch the news at 10:00, go to sleep.

With each day so much alike the other, it is easy to see how they all blur into each other and time flies by. When I was checking out my online things, I noticed that I haven’t blogged in almost a week. Really? I could swear I sat down with my coffee just….six days ago. Wow. I am still surprised.

I really hate to use the word “busy”. I think it is one of the most overused words in the English language today. Everyone has a different idea of what busy is. I thought busy was going to college and working full time. Then, I thought it was being married with a house to keep, a full time job and still taking classes at night. After that, we added a baby to the mix. That was a busy time. Then we added another baby, and then another. Three kids, ages 4 and under and still working part time? I am sure someone would think that was busy. Honestly, I thought that was the busiest time of my whole life and it would never get any crazier than that. WRONG! I kept adding things to my “busy” life. Volunteering, back to school, start a business, etc. My kids got older and into more and more activities. Again, I am saying, this is the busiest my life will ever be. My friends with high school kids tell me, “No, it gets busier.” What? How is that possible? How will I ever fit everything in? Their answer – you just do.

I don’t feel like time is aging me. I still feel 20 years younger than my actual age. I still blast the radio when I am alone in the car. I’m probably in better physical shape than I was then. As part of my summer project of putting away new photos and scanning the older ones, I have to laugh at the changes in myself. Who is that kid in the wedding dress? Who’s the guy with hair next to her? Obviously, I see time going by as our kids get older. However, I can’t believe my Godchild has graduated from high school. If he is 18, then I certainly can’t be 20. That’s okay, though. I think back on all I learned in the past 20 years, and I don’t want to go back to a time without that knowledge. I am pretty happy here at 40.

Maybe I am looking at it wrong. Time goes the same pace as it always has. The sun rises and sets each day, keeping us in check. If can’t change the amount of time I get, I’ll have to change how I use it.