No, I am not talking about Michael Jackson’s chimp. Bubbles was my daughter’s goldfish. We have had him for four years.

Today we mourn the loss of our friend, Bubbles. He was rescued from his destiny as a feeder fish by a third grade teacher. He then lived in a classroom for a few weeks while being used for their science unit. After receiving permission from the parents, Bubbles and his fellow detainees were sent home with the

Although not glamorous, Bubbles lived out his days in a goldfish bowl on my daughter’s dresser. He swam in circles for the next four years. His calm existence was interrupted only by the occasional visit from our cat, Smuckers. Thanks to Bubbles fast moves, the cat never got him.

Bubbles was buried in short ceremony behind the garage where he has views of the neighbor’s pond. He did not have a traditional burial at sea due to his large size.

In addition to my daughter and our cat, Bubbles will be missed by his next door neighbor, Hot Dog, the zebra fish, who is six years old.

RIP Bubbles. We know you are swimming in the large goldfish bowl in the sky.