Why do some people think their time is more important than yours? I find it very frustrating when adults cannot keep a scheduled appointment. Calendars do not cost that much and often times they come free in the mail. When you make an appointment, write it down and then check the calendar daily to see if you have any plans. Sounds simple.

I schedule my day with very little down time. I run from thing to thing and make my appointments back to back in order to get everything done. Most of my customers appreciate and respect that. However, there are days, like this morning, when someone “forgets” their appointment with me. In the past, I gave them 15 minutes leeway before I called to remind them. Often times, I got their voicemail. Now, I can’t call to remind them. I usually lose a half hour of time between the 15 minutes and the time it takes them to get here. When I have appointments scheduled back to back, I can’t get the late appointment completed by the time the next appointment arrives. Frustrating!

I also question why adults do not understand that “ready by 11:00” does not mean 11:30, or whenever is good for you. Yes, I know you thought you could get your errands run before 11:00, but you coming late makes me late, too. I have errands to run just like you.

Do you ever wonder why the doctor and dentist call to confirm the night before? It is because their schedule gets messed up by those same adults. Do you ever wonder why you have to wait a half hour in the waiting room? It’s because these same adults come in late and throw everyone’s schedule off.

Please think about other people when you have an appointment. Please be on time, or at the very least, call and ask if it would be better to reschedule. Apologies go a long way, too.