I am so impressed with people who come up with great ideas. How many times have you seen something and said “I wish I thought of that”?

My friend, Stacy, reads and comments on my blog regularly. Recently, she asked if I would try out a lamp dimmer that her husband, Greg, invented. It’s a really cool idea so I thought I would share it.

The Sunset Dimmer is used with a regular bedside lamp. It has a 30 minute timer which gradually dims the light to give the illusion of the setting sun. With the lamp turned on, press the timer button on the dimmer and you are ready to go.

We tried it in a couple of different areas. The first night, we put it in the family room while we watched TV as a family. We have conflicting opinions in our house about watching the TV with a light on or off. I usually fold clothes, pay bills, etc. while sitting there, so I like the light on. My husband prefers the movie theater darkness. The Sunset Dimmer allowed us the best of both worlds. However, the first 30 minutes we used a lamp with a florescent bulb and it didn’t work. It just stayed bright and then after 30 minutes, it shut off. The second time around, it worked as it was supposed to.

My daughter then tried it in her room while she read. The school suggests that the kids read 20 minutes per night. None of my kids enjoy reading, (such a bummer!) so this told them when they could stop. It got too dark to read after 20 minutes.

My son still wants to sleep with a nightlight. It is funny because he never gets up in the middle of the night and usually falls asleep within minutes. So we tried it in his room. He was playing video games in bed (didn’t feel like arguing about the reading that night). When it got dark, we told him he was done and then he could just put the DS down on the table and go to sleep. The light was still on enough for him to feel comfortable and he went to sleep.

Greg’s Sunset Dimmer has been tested and recommended by Chicago WGN’s “Mr. Fix It”, Lou Manfredini. The audio plays on his website. He also has a time elapsed You Tube video which shows how the timer works.

This is a great stocking stuffer or baby shower gift. While I don’t think it is in stores yet, it can easily be purchased online. Check it out!