The tooth fairy still visits our house. I think we may milk that one for awhile. We have one for sure believer still so why burst his bubble. Unfortunately, the tooth fairy has forgotten a few times. The current excuses are that you lost the tooth too late in the evening and our house wasn’t on the schedule or that there was a computer problem and I’m sure it will be here tonight.

What excuses did our parents use? I remember one time when I was a kid, I lost a tooth and the tooth fairy didn’t come. I told my mom, who was still in bed. She rolled over and told me to take some change off of my dad’s dresser. I asked what I was supposed to do with my tooth. She told me to throw it out. I was crushed!

The going rate on a tooth in our house is $1.00. However, first teeth got an American Silver Eagle dollar. When we were in Disney one year, my oldest lost her tooth and got $5.00 because everything is more expensive in Disney!

I saw the cutest link on Mash up Mom this morning. It was for a website called I Caught The Tooth Fairy. You send in a picture of your child in bed and they Photoshop the tooth fairy into your picture and send it back. Great way to keep those non believers going or an awesome keepsake for the little ones.

There are also other characters you can catch – Santa, Cupid and the Easter Bunny – at Check it out!