We moved into our house in a brand new subdivision 13 years ago. It seemed that most of the women that moved here were pregnant. Starting that fall, almost every one of them had a girl. We didn’t see too much of each other because we were all busy in our lives as new moms and many of us still worked.

The next summer those babies were walking. We spent time chasing them up and down the street on summer nights while trying to have a conversation with the other adults. Sometimes if the kids were busy with sidewalk chalk, we could bring out chairs and hang out. That lead to someone bringing snacks, then drinks, then dinner. Our summer nights consisted of everyone gathering after work with grills and chairs and kids. Everyone brought their own meat and a side to share. It was a great way to get to know everyone.

The next summer brought new babies and new neighbors. The transient neighborhood was just starting. With so many corporate offices in Chicago and the surrounding area, only the local people stay. Our front yard grilling moved to the backyard and the kids hung out on the swingsets. Our neighbors behind us had kids a few years older and I thought it was crazy that they had to spend their evening running them to soccer or baseball. I wasn’t going to do that!

More new neighbors, kids and years went by. Pretty soon, I was the one taking my kids to soccer and baseball and softball and camps. There was no time to sit out with our friends and neighbors. There was no time to meet the new people. Time was changing things.

This week two of our old neighbors and friends came back for a visit. We gathered for food and drink, talked about the kids, the neighborhood, and our jobs. The kids are older now. Some were hanging out on the swing set and some had other plans. Yes, there have been changes, but the friendship and camaraderie remains. Thankfully, time had not changed that.