There are only two more weeks until school starts (pause for moms to cheer!). Summer for our school district has been two weeks longer this year. We started earlier last year, so we got out a week earlier than in the past. However, this year we go back to the later start time, giving us the two extra weeks of summer break. Even though my kids don’t want these lazy days to end, they are ready to go back to school, too.

The beginning of the school year is like the New Year for families with kids in school. It’s a time for new resolutions, new friends, new teachers, new classrooms and new challenges. It is also a time for new clothes. Have you ever tried to buy clothes a week before New Year’s Day in January? The only things left are rejected Christmas gifts!

This is the week the elementary school sends out their teacher assignments in the mail. Last year at this time, the phone started ringing midday with reports of who got which teacher. The mail comes later in our part of the school boundaries so my kids were waiting at the end of the street for the mailman. The anticipation grew as he came down the street. The kids cheered at the end of the driveways at this one man parade. My kids (and several of their friends) ran down to each mailbox to grab the post card before running to the next house. My daughter’s best friend lives across the street so they had to wait for the mailman to come back to her house. They had never been in the same class and hoped that 4th grade would be the year. Even the parents walked over in anticipation. Our answer came with the scream that I can still hear today. Hooray! Happy New Year!