Our school district offers an optional school supply kit that you buy at the end of the previous year. It is a fundraiser for the PTA so it costs a little more than if you buy the supplies yourself. I did it a couple years – it is very convenient – but then I went back to buying the supplies myself. How many rulers and scissors can you have?

If you don’t get the supply kit, you are given a list of supplies. However, they leave some things off the list for the middle school. One of them was book covers. I was lucky enough to have friends with older kids to tell me about it. The kids are told on the first day of school that they need a book cover for every book by the end of the week. Hope I remembered how to make them….

“No”, my friends told me, “You need to buy the cloth ones”. Okay, I found them at Walgreens before the school started. I got six so she had an extra. Sometime during the year, she ripped one and I had to buy another one to replace it. It was $6.00 at Office Max. For one book cover. In January.

So this year rolls around. I haven’t found enough of the large book covers at the Target/Walmart/Walgreens and I am not paying $6.00 per book cover again. While walking through the grocery store yesterday I see a 35 sq. ft. roll of brown postal paper for 44 cents. What a deal! We will make them ourselves and she can decorate it.

I was excited to show her when I picked her up from her cello lesson. Her response was not what I expected. “NOOOOO! Mom, I cannot cover my books with paper. Only the gross kids do that. One kid in my science class picked a booger and wiped it on his paper book cover. PLEASE don’t make me do that!”

So, now I will continue to hunt for cloth book covers that are “cool” but not too “babyish or boyish”. Wish me luck!