A few months ago, I got a new phone. It is nothing fancy – just a phone with a keyboard. I specifically did not get internet access as I don’t really want to be that connected. It is personal choice. I know TONS of people that have iPhones and Droids and Blackberrys (including my husband), but for me, it wasn’t necessary. There are times that mobile internet access would be helpful, but I have lived without it so far.

One of the deciding factors in not getting a Smartphone was my observation of those that have one. It drives me crazy to watch people that you are sitting with flipping through their email, Facebook or checking sports scores. Is the conversation so boring that you had to do something else? Are you waiting for a message from the President?

I have seen this happen at concerts, parties, and other social gatherings. Live in the moment! You can read about your friend making tacos for dinner later. If you are missing the big game, TiVo it! I have been visiting with out of town guests twice this summer and found out later on Facebook that they were posting comments while they were with me. Is is me or is that rude?

Smartphones have their place. While out with friends for dinner, we decided to go to the movies. Of the five of us, one had internet access and looked up the movie theater for us. It is great to be able to get away from work but still be on top of the emails/phone calls you are missing. Feel free to check your emails/Facebook while waiting in line (unless of course, you are waiting with someone).