My kids used to have those growth charts in their bedroom and we marked their height over the years. Eventually, they got ripped and colored on and had to come down. So my plan was to mark it on the garage wall when they started school. That never happened. With the excitement of the new school year, I always forgot or remembered when only one kid was home. Then there was the treat of painting the garage so I would wait until Christmas, spring, their birthdays, etc. Still never happened (bad mom!).

Last year my daughter’s teacher made them all measure themselves with string during the first week. She collected all the string and put it in envelopes until the last day of school. They then pulled them out and compared how much they grew. Why didn’t I think of that?

It doesn’t really help my 7th grader who is almost as tall as me. My 5th grader is almost five feet tall, but we saw three inches of growth from her string last year. My baby is in 3rd grade, so maybe we can watch him grow to tower over us.

So I went out to the garage to get the string to measure them this morning. Wouldn’t you know it? No string. I will put it on my list and hope it gets done before I miss recording another year of growth.