A few days ago, I saw a man riding his bike on a road with a speed limit of 45 miles per hour. This road is frequented by large trucks and crazy local drivers. This man rode his bike, not on the new sidewalk, but rather on the road, hugging the curb. If he swerved at all, he would either go into the curb or into the traffic behind him. He wore no helmet, baggy pants (easy to get stuck in the chain) and had headphones on. It always scares me to come up on bike riders like this.

Now there are road riders that I see all the time. They wear helmets, use hand signals and follow the rules of the road. I still hate driving near them, but at least they are more conscious of the cars around them.

Yesterday, I saw moms riding their bikes with their kids to school. The streets around our elementary school are not “biker friendly”. The drivers are parents in a big hurry to get to work or yoga or Starbucks and don’t always pay attention. The kids all had helmets on, but none of the moms did. Why? “Do as I say and not as I do?” Are they better bike riders? Will a driver only loose control around kids?

I am proud to say that my whole family wears a helmet when they bike ride. We never wore helmets as kids. (We didn’t wear seat belts, either and it is a miracle so many of us survived. Can you imagine having a two year old on the loose in your car while you drive?) No one complains about wearing a helmet at our house. How cool would you look with gray matter coming out of your head?

My point? It is never too late to start wearing a helmet and biking on the sidewalk when the street traffic is busy is a better option. Save the headphones for a stationary bike. Stay safe!