I believe that alarm clocks are a necessary evil and the root of that evil has to be the snooze alarm. We have been on the “back to school” routine for a full week now. Even though I am a morning person, I am finding it difficult to get up in the morning. I still work during the summer months, so I set my alarm year round. However, my alarm is usually set an hour later in the summer than it is now. In addition, I am getting up to go for a bike ride or do pilates. It is much different to get up for “me time” than waking up early to get everyone out the door on time.

This morning it was cloudy and dark when my alarm went off. I do not even remember hitting the snooze alarm (twice). My clock sits exactly an arm’s length away from me. When I was a teenager, I had to move my clock across the room, forcing me to get up. It really didn’t work though. My mom usually came in complaining that she heard the alarm several times that morning because I crawled back into bed.

It is only going to get worse. Standard time does not start until the 2nd week in November and each day the sun comes up a little later. It will be darker each morning, and therefore, harder to wake up without that evil snooze alarm. Next week, my daughter is trying out for honors chorus and chamber orchestra – both before school activities. We will need to leave the house at 6:20 four days a week. I guess I need to pull it together.