Did you ever notice that the things that others don’t see are usually the oldest, most threadbare things you own? Look in your sock and underwear drawers. Bet you can find some items that should have been thrown out a while ago. Pot holders? Although stained or burnt, they remain a part of the family. How about the everyday towels? Do they have long strings, holes and have shrunk to the size of a high school gym towel? If so, I feel your pain.

Yesterday, my husband and I went shopping for new rugs for the foyer and two bathrooms. They were getting old and needed to be replaced. Unlike the towels, guests were likely to see the rugs. We went to a couple of stores. At the last store, I still hadn’t found a foyer rug I wanted so I wandered into the bath department looking for bathroom rugs. While I was there, I stood looking at the colorful display of the fluffy towels. When was the last time I bought towels? Sure I replaced some here and there, but never all of them at once.

I turned to my husband and said, “When we get good jobs, I would love to replace all our towels.” His reaction? “Let’s just do it now.” What? Did I hear him right? We have about 30 bath towels, maybe more. What will that cost? He didn’t seem to mind, telling me it was a quality of life purchase. Who am I to argue?

I think if you saw us in the store buying these towels, you would have thought we were crazy. We were touching all the towels and putting them up to our faces. We were wrapping them around us and wondering why we waited so long to purchase new ones. My husband was cracking me up as we reminisced about our pathetic towels at home. We were like kids in a candy store. What colors should we get? We even bought some of the most expensive towels to keep in our bathroom and not share them with the kids. I don’t think we are mean parents. We will probably have these same towels when they are in college!

I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning out the linens and demoting towels from decorative towels to everyday towels and everyday towels to car rags. When I showered later that night, it was like going from using a paper towel to dry off to using a comforter. Quality of life purchase? Absolutely.