Yesterday morning, my husband brought me my coffee while I was still getting ready upstairs. It was such a nice gesture that I thought about those “Love is” cartoons. I haven’t seen them in awhile because they run in the Sun Times and we get the Tribune. My high school boyfriend, who later became my husband, used to cut them out of the paper every day and give them to me. They remain forever entombed in a box in the crawlspace.

Fast forward 25 years. Today I would change the name of the cartoon from “Love is” to “Happiness is”. The things that make us happy today never even crossed our minds in high school. Here are some of them:

Happiness is
…watching a soccer game when there is no rain or wind.
…a fresh coat of paint.
…not seeing a rabbit or squirrel when walking the dogs.
…a car repair that “only” costs $100.00.
…dental insurance.
…pajama day at home.
…an empty dishwasher.
…fresh mulch.
…a belly laugh from your child.
…Sunday morning coffee and the paper.

Feel free to add more of your own thoughts!