If it was up to me, fall weather would be year-round. I love when the temperature is in the 70’s during the day and 50’s at night. We can open the windows and there is no need for the air conditioner or the heater. I can walk the dogs or bike ride without lathering up in sunscreen and melting in the heat.

In the fall, every day seems like a gift. You are not expecting a warm, sunny day like you do in the summer. In the fall, I hear more people claim “This is a beautiful day” than any other time of year. Fall storms are usually a good rain rather than the tornado season of spring and summer.

I think every kid believes summer is the best season because they are off from school for three months. I used to think that, too. As an adult, I think of fall as a good thing and not just because my kids go back to school. I love the changing of the leaves, sitting around the fire pit and snuggling in the covers at night.

Thankfully, I don’t notice the change from fall to winter until we are in the middle of it. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, I am too busy to realize that the leaves are gone and the windows have long been closed due to the cold weather. I am still on a high from the end of summer bliss we call Fall.