There, I said it. I do not like to exercise. I would rather do almost anything else. Does anyone out there really enjoy it?

I like the kind of exercise that makes you think you aren’t really getting exercise. When I go for a bike ride, I just think I am out enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. If I get some cardio done in the meantime, bonus! I like to walk the kids to school and/or walk the dogs. Walking really does make a difference. I lost 15 lbs. one summer by walking 5 miles a day. Again, I didn’t think I was exercising so it was easy.

I dread the change of seasons and the need to go into the gym for exercise. Being on the treadmill or working at a weight machine is not my idea of a good time. The air is dead, the people are sweaty, and no one looks like they want to be there.

I have taken exercise classes, too. I just can’t get excited about being tortured for an hour by a woman who is in way better shape than me. I don’t think my body moves like that. I have no coordination and I swear all these instructors were former cheerleaders and dancers.

Why do we really exercise? I am sure most people will say “for your health”. But let’s be real! I do it so I can look better in my clothes and work off all the carbs I love. (Is life really worth living if you can’t eat pasta, bread, potatoes and wine?)

To all my readers who love to exercise: You are a better person than I. More power to you!