For those of you that may remember, I had given myself a summer challenge. I have been really bad about printing out my digital photos (since 2003) to put in photo albums. By really bad, I mean, not at all. So my plan was to print out all the photos from 2003 to current day (about 2500 pictures) and put them in albums. My cousin read my blog and told me she was doing just the opposite. She was digitizing all her pictures. So then my project got bigger.

I found this great photo scanner that I blogged about and purchased for about $100.00. It works great, and I have scanned about 1500 pictures.

The bad news is, this project is HUGE! I have only scratched the surface. First of all, I don’t know what I was drinking when I said I could do this during the summer. Summer is my busiest time. I have three kids that play either softball or baseball and that means a game six days a week. I also still work during the summer, everyone is in some sort of camp (or two or three) and on top of that, I feel we need to get our money’s worth from our pool membership. That leaves very little time for pictures. My plan to have the kids scan for me worked one time until they got bored.

So yesterday it rained and our outdoor plans were canceled for both during the day and the evening. This was my opportunity to sit down and work on my photos again. I went to Redbox and picked up two movies, set up a table in my room in front of the TV and started working. I made a list of what years/months were digital the last time I worked on this project. This time, I counted all the photo albums to see what still needed to be done.

OMG! I take way too many photos! My husband and I have been married for 20 years and I take at least 300 and sometimes 500 pictures a year. I spent six hours taking apart two large photo albums from 2001 and half of 2000, scanning the pictures and putting them in new albums. Of course, I had to remark all the margins in the new albums, too.

My son came in about five hours into the project. I had photo albums all over the bed and two on the table or the floor next to me. He said, “Are you done with all of these on the bed?” I had to admit that no, I was no where close to doing those. I had six albums that were completely digitized, backed up on CD and placed nicely in albums. There were two more that I completed that day and probably 20 albums on the bed. That does not include the photos I still have to print out and all the loose photos I got from my mother and grandmother.

I think if I work on this project every weekend for 6 hours, I might get it done by next year some time. However, six free hours a week is rare.

So, I continue on and hope that it gets done before I have to convert all my hard work to the next form of photograph they come up with.