My husband and I met in high school, so therefore, we went to prom together. We were the only prom couple in the restaurant we chose that night and every eye was on us as we entered the room. As we looked through our menu, the server came up to us and told us that another couple at the restaurant was reminiscing their prom days and wanted to put money toward our check. Of course, we asked who the couple was, but they chose to be anonymous. We asked the server to send on our thank you, but never got to say it in person.

For my husband, that sparked a “pay it forward” plan for his life. Over the years, he has paid for people’s tolls (before IPass), fast food orders and coffees. He simply asks the attendant for the person’s total behind him and pays for it. The simple act of random kindness makes the person’s day and gives them a story to tell later. My husband hopes it makes them “pay it forward” in the future.

I have been out with my husband several times when he has done this. One year at McDonald’s on Christmas Eve, we were getting coffees. He said, “I am going to buy their breakfast”, talking about the car behind us. However, when we got to the window, we found the car in front of us did the same thing. The pay it forward went on for a couple of cars. It truly felt like the Christmas spirit.

Yesterday morning, my husband and I went out to Starbucks for lattes and blueberry muffins. On a Sunday morning, the line was at least 6 or 7 cars long. We were engaged in a conversation about our kids and their sports teams and really didn’t pay any attention to the cars in front of us. I honestly couldn’t tell you the make, model or color of the car directly ahead of us. When we got to the window, we found that that person paid for our coffee. By this time, the person was long gone from the parking lot – on to his or her day.

That simple, random act of kindness made our day, and gave us a story to tell.