As a wife and mom, I am asked questions all week long. There are questions about time – “What time is dinner?”, “What time are we leaving?”, “What time is my game?”.

Many questions ask permission for something – “Can I have…?”, “Can I go…?”.

There are even questions that they can answer themselves if they just look, “Is the dishwasher clean?”.

By far, the most commonly asked questions are about the location of something. “Where are my shoes?”, “Where is my soccer ball?”, “Where are my keys?”. They really don’t want a verbal answer. They want me to help them look for the missing item.

Which brings us to the most popular question in our house – “Where is the remote?”. When this question comes up, I start to get mad. Why can’t the last person who used the remote put it back where it goes? We don’t have a remote caddy, but if the remote is placed somewhere on the coffee table, the next person is bound to find it.

Control of the remote is a big deal among my children. My son walks around with it if he gets up from the couch, in case someone comes into the room and tries to take over the TV. (The TV being on does not signal that someone is actually watching it.) We have found the remote in the kitchen, bathroom, pantry and upstairs in his room. He has also hid it behind the pillows, but my daughters have figured that one out.

Years ago at my office job, we used to have a station where everything had a string attached to it – stapler, pens, scissors. Maybe that’s a solution. Tie it to the table! I really wish that our remote had an electric fence. If you took it out of the room, you got zapped. I also wish it had some sort of locator on it like the house phone. That’s probably not a good comparison. That is missing half the time, too!