For my friends that have kids, I am sure you can relate.

Before I had kids
…I often said, “I’ll never do that.”
…I knew my kids would never embarrass me in public with their tantrum, behavior, clothes, hair or how they talked to me.
…I didn’t think I would care about unmade beds and clothes all over the floor.
…I had no intention of making separate meals for picky eaters.

Before I had kids
…I never thought I would say, “Go back up to your room and change. You are not wearing that.”
…I never thought I would carry food, toys, cars or other forms of entertainment in my purse.
…I never thought I would be a yeller.
…I never thought I would see Disney on Ice or a Monster Truck Rally.

Before I had kids
…I never thought I would offer money to my kids if they would just try spinach.
…I never thought I would invent pajama day, where no one showers and we all stay in the clothes we slept in.
…I never thought I would fall asleep before my kids.
…I never thought my words would come back to me in the same way I dished them out.

Before I had kids
…I thought I would keep every memento, picture and craft they made.
…I thought I would have all the baby books filled in as it happened, or at least taken out of the cellophane.
…I thought every family picture would be perfect, and not have to pick one where most of the family looked good.
…I thought that parents of boys didn’t know how to control them – until I had one.

Before I had kids
…I never thought that being a mom would make my life so crazy, fulfilling, scary and happy all at once.