Thanks to the temporary Halloween stores and the loads of pumpkins at the grocery stores, my kids have been talking about everything Halloween. They wanted me to put up the decorations. (Really? It was 90 degrees this week!) More importantly, they wanted to get their costumes.

Remember when the kids were little and you could dress them however you wanted? They never complained about being a pumpkin or candy corn or even a gorilla. When they got a little older, they picked their favorites – princesses and Thomas the Train. It was all so cute.

Now my kids are older, but still want to trick-or-treat. Free candy is free candy! So after a lot of begging, I told them that we could go to the Halloween store AND put up the decorations over this past weekend. We walked through the store admiring the decorations and headed back to the costumes. My 8-year-old son picked a Ninja right away. He was a Ninja last year, but this is a DIFFERENT one. Whatever. It took less than 5 minutes for him to decide.

My older daughter is 12, almost 13. She has been debating if she should dress up this year. However, since her friends are all doing it, it is still cool. She decided she is going to be Lady Gaga. She picked up a wig and glasses and decided to go online to decide what she can make a dress out of. Fine. She took about 10 minutes to decide.

My middle daughter is 10. She and her friends wanted to be something together. They spent a whole afternoon online researching and came up with nothing they could agree on. She is creative and doesn’t usually go for the costume-in-a-package. We walked up and down the aisles making suggestions – Hippy, 50’s girl, Wendy’s girl, baby – the list goes on. She didn’t like any of them. When we got to the end, there was a big Eclipse display. She loves the Twilight movies. Why not be a vampire? She hemmed and hawed and reluctantly put the stuff in the cart. Okay, we were ready to check out. Not so fast. Maybe she didn’t want to be a vampire. Fine. Put it back, we will look another day. No, she wanted a costume. So we bought it. Time for her to decide – 1 hour!

We get home to show Dad. My son flashes the bag at him and runs outside. My oldest models the wig and glasses and finds some clothes to wear. My middle daughter tries on the wig she got……and hates it. It all has to go back. She doesn’t want to be a vampire. She wants to be a witch – using the stuff we have from old costumes.

While all of this is going on, I go to get the boxes of decorations out of the crawlspace. Everyone came over to “help”, but that really means, just take the things out of the box and reminisce. Finally, I just snapped and reported in a loud voice that I was going grocery shopping, BY MYSELF! So much for our fun holiday planning.

While at the store, I saw a decorative sign stating “The Witch is IN”. Naturally, I bought it for myself.