It is Friday again and I was thinking about how much it has changed over the years. Of course, when I was in school, it meant the end of a week of homework and lectures and silly rules. When I worked in a office, I was looking forward to happy hour and date night. When we were first married, my husband worked Friday nights and I spent a lot of them alone watching Dinner and a Movie on TBS. (That wasn’t all bad!)

When we had little kids, Friday night meant put them to bed early and have quiet time for ourselves. In the summers, it meant hanging out with the neighbors on the driveways and have happy hour at home. As the kids got older, that changed again. We could go out again on Friday nights – this time with them. Sure, we saw Disney movies and went to family restaurants, but it was still going out! Occasionally, it means a date night for us or Girls Night for me. It is constantly changing. Now, the kids have practices and games and birthday parties to attend on Friday nights. We spend the night driving them around. It is just like any other weeknight.

Tonight is no different. One child is having some friends over at our house. One child is going to a party and one child has an activity at school. Somehow we will all get dinner eaten and everyone where they have to be. Maybe, if we are lucky, my husband and I can catch up on our shows we missed this week. However, Friday is no longer a late night. Saturday is filled with activities and it starts early!

Have a good weekend!