On Friday afternoon, I got a call from my daughter’s school. My first thought was that she was sick. “Great”, I thought, “Now we will all get whatever she has.” It wasn’t the school nurse that was calling. Instead it was the gym teacher who was also a part time lunch room supervisor.

She started out by saying that they were being proactive in calling all the parents at my daughter’s lunch table. Why? Did someone with some nasty disease get sick at her table? Was there a food fight? No, it seems she was spending the afternoon calling 40 parents to tell them that our 12-year-old girls were leaving too much garbage on the floor. Seriously? I was really waiting to hear more, like they back talked or flipped her off or ignored her when told to pick it up. No. They were just slobs.

Okay. So tell them to pick it up. That’s what these parents do it at home. Tell them they will be late for class unless they clean up the floor. These are good girls. They are honor students, orch dorks and band geeks, as well as athletes at the school. I am sure there are kids with real behavioral problems at that school. Isn’t this a waste of not only my time, but theirs as well?

I don’t mean to be rude. I have worked in restaurants and picked up after slobs. I have three kids that I am constantly after to pick up after themselves. I know that it is a pain to clean up after people. But isn’t that part of the job of lunch room supervisor? When we use the multipurpose room for my 5th grade Girl Scouts, they usually drop part of their snack under the table. We simply ask them to pick it up and then pick up anything they missed ourselves. It is not hard.

After the gym teacher/lunch room supervisor told me about the mess under the table, I sat there trying to decide what to say. Instead of telling her what I really thought, I politely said, “Thank you. I will talk to her after school.” When I got off the phone, I just shook my head. At least she gave me something to blog about today.