My mom made me take typing in high school. I thought she was crazy and I told her as much. I remember telling her that I didn’t plan to be a secretary, so why did I need to learn to type? (I have to credit my mom for also making me take a computer class during the summer of 1982 when our school got four new Apple computers. Who knew?) Needless to say, I lost the battle and took the typing class.

I learned to type on an IBM electric typewriter. I can remember our first lesson – ASDFG HJKL;. It is the basic hand positioning on the keyboard. We typed it over and over. We then stretched our fingers to the rows above and below and typed those rows over and over. It is amazing that you can teach someone to type by doing this. I honestly never thought I would be able to type with any kind of speed, but eventually, I could type up to 50 words per minute.

Although I never became a secretary, I found being able to type was an asset. My husband never learned to type and uses the “hunt and peck” method to do his reports, emails, etc. It is sort of funny to watch.

Now flash forward 25 years from high school typing class and we have the invention of smart phones and iPads. Even with the iPad turned on its side, the keys on the keyboard are so close that it is impossible to type without errors. I struggle with only hitting one key at a time on my cell phone, even with using the “hunt and peck” method.

So now, with the age of texting, I am the SLOWEST typist ever. My daughters laugh at me. After years of perfecting his typing method, my husband is actually better at typing with today’s technology. I feel as outdated as the electric typewriter.