A few of my friends had made comments last week about an article in a local magazine. The title of this column was called “Marvelous Mom”. My friends’ comments were not complementary, which encouraged me to read it for myself.

After reading the article, I could not find one thing that made this woman a “Marvelous Mom”. She is a local business owner of an interior design business and she has three daughters. The whole article is about her winning the best dressed award in 8th grade and how since then, she never leaves the house without being sharply dressed with lots of matching accessories. Apparently, she is passing this down to her kids, too. She goes on to say that she would never leave the house wearing sweat pants, unless she is going to yoga. Her advise to other moms? “Just look in the mirror before you leave the house.”

Give me a break! How does this make her a “Marvelous Mom”? Just because you over dress to go to the grocery store and your kid’s soccer game, it does not make you a good mom. There is a time and place for dressing with matching purses and shoes and your best jewelry. Errand day is not it!

Did you ever see that movie with Jack Black and Gwenyth Paltrow – Shallow Hal? Hal was always looking for the physically beautiful, well dressed women and never gave the others a chance. However, when he was hypnotized by a self-help guru, he was given the ability to see the inner beauty of people. Hal finds the love of his life – an obese woman who wears sweat pants.

They say that women dress for other women. Personally, I don’t usually notice what other women are wearing. I saw a lot of women over the weekend while attending a school event, a soccer game, a party at a friend’s house and church on Sunday. I couldn’t tell you what any one of them had on. However, in talking to them, I recognized a lot of “Marvelous Moms”.