Once upon a time, there lived a happy young couple with brown hair. The beautiful wife convinced her husband to have children and told him each day would be magical. Their family was complete after the arrival of their three children.

As the years went by, the happy couple was confused because sometimes the magical part was hard to see. For example:

As toddlers, when it was time for bed,
– one couldn’t fall asleep without a parent
– one climbed out of bed every few minutes
– and one went right to sleep the moment her head touched the pillow.

When they got older, and it came time to practice for the expensive activity their parents signed them up for,
– one made excuses and kept putting it off
– one deeply sighed, but did it anyway
– and one grabbed his ball and practiced with a smile.

When it was time to eat the dinner that the happy couple slaved over,
– one complained and picked at the food
– one made himself a bowl of cereal instead
– and one ate everything on her plate and asked for seconds.

Every day the kids were expected to keep their rooms clean, but
– one was just an incurable slob
– one used the “out of sight, out of mind” method of cleaning
– and one had her room straight and her bed made before she came downstairs in the morning.

Each evening, the beautiful mother of the family loved to read and encouraged her children to join her, but
– one announced how much she hates reading
– one got out a book and pretended to read
– and one sat quietly in her room and read until she finished the book.

After many years of parenting, the happy couple realized that the magical part can only take place with one child at a time. They knew their happily ever after would happen when their wonderful children had children of their own. Then the happy couple would sit back and laugh.

The End