Do you believe in signs? Sometimes, I think I do. It seems that when I am faced with a decision or toying with a new idea, signs pop up all over. I don’t even have to be consciously thinking about it. I am usually in the middle of something totally unrelated and I run across an article about the subject or someone will bring it up in conversation.

Part of me wonders if it is really a sign. Maybe it is just like seeing so many of the car you just bought on the road. You just never noticed it before you owned one.

I like to take my time with decisions. I weigh all the options and research it, so I know this is the best possible way for me to go. The only regret I have ever had with decisions is that I waited too long to pull the trigger. I can’t tell you how many things I have taken time to think about, decided to go through with and then loved it. Those are the times that I ask myself, “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”.

Have you ever taken a road trip and as you get closer to your destination, there are signs that read “Disney World, Next 6 Exits”? Which one do you take? Sure, if you have a map or address, it tells you to get off at Exit 234. However, life does not come with a map. You are just sort of winging it.

For me, I would not get off the highway at the first exit. Chances are that your final destination is still pretty far away. Why not stay on the faster road and get off a little closer to your destination? But again, which exit is best? If you go too far up the road, you will have to back track. Maybe you will have missed some other great things along the journey.

At this point, I guess I will stop for directions, pick up a guidebook and keep an eye out for more signs.