On Sunday morning, my husband told me the water heater was leaking. My first reaction was one of surprise. “Really? Is there water coming out of the utility room?”

“No, it is just a small leak.”, he replied.

Then I wondered, “How did he notice it?” and asked him as much. Turns out, he regularly checks the water heater, in addition to other under-appreciated utilities in our house. Good thing!

As I went about my day, he watched over the water heater. He called the service guy to come out later in the week. Since it was only a small leak, we made it convenient to our schedule. Unfortunately, by the evening, the leak was no longer small. He called the service guy back and and scheduled something for Monday afternoon. In the meantime, he went out to the garage, found some PVC and rigged something to get us through the night without flooding our basement.

Now I had no idea that we even had any PVC in the garage, but it turns out, he has a little stash of all kinds of stuff like that – wiring, two-by-fours, molding – leftover pieces from projects he has done over the years.

Yesterday, the repairman came out. You will be surprised to hear that he didn’t have the part on the truck, even though my husband told him where the leak was coming from. Even more annoying is the fact that he told us they have seen this problem a lot lately and STILL do not carry the part on the truck. We have to wait for the part and live with the rigged water heater in the meantime. Thankfully, it is holding.

Through all of this, I have learned a few things:

1. You don’t appreciate the water heater until it isn’t working.
2. Pony tails will help you through an otherwise bad hair day.
3. Warranties actually do work in your favor sometimes.
4. It is good to have a man in the house.
5. It is good to have a man in the house that checks the water heater.
6. It is good to have a man in the house that checks the water heater and knows how to fix it temporarily.
7. Saving leftover pieces is a good idea.
8. A man’s garage is like a woman’s purse. It may seem like junk to someone else, but occasionally, you will find something useful in there.