It is official. I have lost my mind and temporarily hypothesized my husband. We are now the proud foster parents of six kittens.

The story starts innocently enough. We were running errands on Saturday morning – just he and I. We got Starbucks, a new string for my daughter’s cello, bank, post office, etc. I was also almost out of dog food, so we stopped by Petsmart. Now remember, we went in for DOG FOOD.

When we walked in, my husband said we should get some fish for our middle daughter. Her fish keep dying. We pick up four fish and start to head to the dog food aisle. On the way, we see them unloading several kittens that were up for adoption. We were with our godchild the night before and she had just gotten a new kitten so we already had kitten fever. They were adorable. We stayed there and looked at them for awhile and I asked about the fee. She said what it included – spay/neuter, microchip and first shots. My husband asked about declaw and they all frowned at us. The woman told us that they don’t believe in declaw. Oh, well. Not meant to be. We continued our journey back to the dog food.

While we were in the dog food aisle, the woman that was talking to us earlier came up to us. She told us that she was fine with declaw, but the other people from the shelter were against it. She felt it was personal choice. She said not to let that deter us from getting a kitten. We thanked her and headed over to get cat food. (We already have a cat at home, too.) After getting the cat food, we should have just gone home. However, I wanted to go back and see the kittens one more time.

Next thing we know, we signed up to foster. My husband is usually the levelheaded one. However, I knew he lost it when he told them we could take them as early as that day. I think I actually whipped my head around and looked at him with bulging eyes and raised eyebrows. Is this the same guy that didn’t really like animals? I knew he was faking it.

So we went home, set up our old Lab crate and bought food, clay litter, toys and bowls. Our kids were beside themselves waiting for Sunday when we would take them home. My middle daughter spent the whole day on their website and memorized their names. When we went to pick them up, she knew everyone. Needless to say, the kids spent the rest of the day on Sunday with the kittens.

My only issue is the mess. Six kittens spread out litter and food all over their crate and my carpet. Keeping the litter box clean with six using it is a pain. Kittens have to use clay litter, which sucks. I have anti bacterial sprayed everything again this morning and replaced their bedding. The kittens are about 6 weeks old and haven’t mastered their aim. I took this terrible picture this morning, and you can see pictures on the website. We have Paco, Willow, Bambi, Romeo, Princess and Isis (we didn’t name them!). Bambi and Isis are adopted.

If you live in the area, please feel free to stop by. Friends and family get first pick! Two of the six already have homes, but they are too young to go home with their forever family. While you are here, you can help me look for my marbles!