My kids are self absorbed most of the time. They leave wrappers next to the computer, blankets out in the family room and shoes all over the house. They just think someone else (read MOM) will pick it up. Unless I am on a rampage (my husband calls me the General), they just don’t think about picking up after themselves.

This is not just limited to the house. They bring water bottles, soccer bags, and music sheets into the car, but they only come out if I remind them. My usual statement is, “If it didn’t come standard with the car, please take it out with you”. In addition to leaving things in the car, they often leave the car doors open. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone back into the garage and found my dome light on in the car. When I walk around to the other side, I usually find the back door open.

Monday, my husband took our daughters to basketball practice. His car sits in the third car garage and there is not enough room for them to get out in the garage. He pulled the car in the driveway, put it in park and let them out. They were carrying their basketballs and water bottles and one of them left the door open. My husband didn’t even pay attention and started to pull into the garage. Now you can imagine what happened.

The next thing I know, my husband is yelling up the stairs, asking who left the door open. He said there is a huge dent in his car door because it hit the brick on the house. The guilty daughter started crying. I knew I should stop what I was doing and go check out the damage on the car – the company car. I was really expecting to find the door in bad shape. I imagined it looked like David Spade’s car in Tommy Boy when Chris Farley backed it up at the gas station.

I walked around to the passenger side of the car, where my husband was still fuming. It was dark out, so I had a hard time finding this HUGE dent. I felt the side of the car, and the only indentations I found came with the car. Yes, there was a really good scratch that went down to the metal. The scratch was about 2 1/2 inches long. Just then, the non-guilty daughter came out to see the damage. She said aloud what I had been thinking, “That’s not a HUGE dent.”

My husband looked again and shook his head. Men have such a hard time judging size.