I wanted to share this easy crock pot recipe with you that I made last night. We call it Goulash, but most people make theirs with noodles. Mine is not exactly beef stew either because it doesn’t have carrots or celery. Below is what you get when you combine the two. It is easy, filling and great for cold weather.

3 lbs. of beef stew meat, cut into bite sized cubes
2 green peppers chopped, but not too small
1 medium onion chopped
5 medium potatoes, cut into bite sized pieces
3 oz. of tomato paste (1/2 a can)
garlic to taste (I used 3 cloves)
1 cup of beef broth
1 cup of white wine

Throw everything in crock pot and mix up. Turn on high and cook for 4 hours. I usually make this an hour before I pick up the kids from school on nights when we have a lot of activities. When we get home, dinner is ready. Serve with hearty bread. Enjoy!