Yesterday my kids were off from school. (Thank you to our Veterans!) In the morning, my husband took the kids to the church gym for some extra basketball practice. When it was done, my oldest daughter went to a friend’s house and the younger two came home. Unfortunately for them, we were going to run to Lowes and Costco and they were stuck going with us.

Being the mean parents that we are, we did not remind them to take their electronic devices on the long, five mile trip. That’s when the arguing started. They started with “your stuff is on my side”. I remember that from my own childhood. My sister and I had no man’s land in the center of the back seat. Nothing could be in that area, leaving us less opportunity to touch each other with our stuff. Now, if we were in my husband’s car, I could understand how annoying the other person could be because they are sitting close. However, we had my truck – a Suburban. Each kid could have their own row of seats!

The first store was Lowes. My middle daughter needed to pick out paint for her room. That was interesting for about 5 minutes. We matched the paint to a pillow and as they mixed it, my husband and I wandered the store. We are remodeling our kitchen (posts for another day) and wanted to look at exciting things like sinks, faucets and other “boring stuff”.

Remember what you are supposed to do when you are bored in a hardware store? You are supposed to ride the outside of the carts, narrowly missing displays. You can push each other. You can slap the other person and run ahead while looking at the pained look on your sibling’s face and as a result, run into your parents. It is loads of fun for everyone.

After hearing, “Knock it off” and “Stay away from each other”, my kids decided to get creative and came up with a new game. It is a spin off of Rock, Paper, Scissors. It is called Bunny, Gun, Carrot. Okay, it might not be the most PG game ever, but I thought it was creative.

Gun beats Bunny (obviously)

Bunny beats Carrot

Carrot beats Gun (plugs the hole)

Watch for this exciting game on playgrounds and soccer fields near you. It keeps kids occupied for 5 minutes – long enough for parents to make a decision on which sink will work in their new kitchen for the next 10 to 15 years.