Yesterday was one of those typical Saturdays where we ran to a million kid events and errands. We left the house at 8:15 in the morning and were in and out (mostly to let the dogs out) a half dozen times. I made Goulash last night before driving our oldest daughter to a friend’s house for the night at 7:15. Eleven hours of stuff including laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, making lunch and dinner, caring for 9 animals (the kittens go next week), 2 basketball games, 2 picture times, 3 rides to friends’ houses, and softball practice (indoors). We were all wiped out!

When I got home from dropping off my daughter, I decided to take a hot shower. I stood in there long after I was clean and my fingers turned to prunes. I put on what my kids call “cuddly jammies” and my big robe and went downstairs to see what the others were doing. My son was watching Shrek in my bed while my middle daughter and husband were watching HGTV in the family room. They were watching a show about Thanksgiving dinners, so I decided to join them. I made myself a cup of tea and settled in on the couch. We watched a couple shows together and my son came to join us half way through. He cuddled up by the dogs and fell asleep. When we started the last show, it was 9:00pm.

About 9:10, I announced that I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer and we all decided to go to bed. By 9:20 on a Saturday night, we were sitting in bed with the same cooking show on. I think we lasted until 9:30 before calling it a night. I’m sure my oldest daughter was up until after midnight, a thought I shuttered at.

The funny thing is, our Saturday nights aren’t always like this. We often have plans after a crazy day like this and everyone stays up and parties until it is time to go home. Even then, we stay up and watch TV for another hour because we are too wound up to sleep. Last night we had the opportunity to do nothing and it was a welcomed break. I think I might plan for another night like this next week!