Friday I went to pick up a book at a library in a neighboring town. I have been there a few times so I decided not to print out a Mapquest. I thought I could just wing it based on landmarks. On the way there, I was sitting at a light not too far from where I was going to turn off. I noticed a green library sign pointing to the right. Could this be the same library? At the last second, I decided to follow the sign and turn on a street I have never taken. Although it was an easier route, I wondered if I was going to remember how to get out of there.

The entrances to the library are very specific. Although the drives are right next to each other, they are marked “Drop offs and Employees” and “Library Patrons and Parking”. I went in the first one, even though I was parking. They run into each other, so what was the big deal? On the way out, you have to go around the building and out another way. Of course, I got turned around and went the wrong way. I proceeded to go back around the building via the street and start over. I went back into the “Drop off” entrance and even though I saw the no left turn sign, I went out the “Library Patrons” entrance. It is not a right in, right out. Why couldn’t I turn left? It was in a residential area. There was a car coming down the street so I waited. She had her turn signal on and proceeded to “tsk, tsk” me and shake her head. I mouthed “Sorry” and went on my way.

Her head shaking bugged me enough to retell this story to my husband later in the day. Didn’t the lady know I had my reasons for not following the rules of the road? Didn’t she know I wasn’t from around there and had to go out the same way I came in?

Later in the day, I went to pick up my kids from school. If you are looking for people who don’t follow the rules of the road, this is the place to go. These are the most creative, inconsiderate drivers you will ever meet.

Our school has two pick up entrances. I chose to pick up my kids where I have been picking them up for years, in the front of the school. A few years into my kids tenure at the school, they changed the rules. To use front car pick up, you are supposed to pick up three children. I only have two at the school now. I justify this oversight with the fact that if so many other people do it, why should I follow the rules?

There are two streets that feed into the entrance to the school and parents sit lined up on both streets. It is supposed to be a give and take, and most of the time, that is followed. That day, I was parked at the first spot on one of the streets. There were already cars parked on the other street. A woman drove down the street I was on and pulled around me. She crossed the street towards the school and cut in front of the cars parked in the line on the other street. What was that? If I wasn’t so into my book, I probably would have gotten out and reminded her about the line of cars she just cut off.

As the kids got out, the line moved up. Not her. She moved up a few car lengths and then waited for her children to come to her. Thanks for holding us up! When you leave the front parking lot, you are supposed to make a left turn to avoid the bus traffic. There is even a sign. Guess what she did? Made a right turn.

Who did she think she was? Can’t she see the other people? Can’t she read the signs? Don’t they apply to her? I thought about this and then thought about my own driving earlier in the day. Guess she had her reasons, too. Good thing for both of us there wasn’t a police car near by.