Chaos is roughly defined as any state of disorder or confusion. If you look it up in the dictionary, you might find a picture of my house. With a kitchen remodel planned for early January, I expect things will get worse before they get better. I can live with a little insanity, after all, I’m a mom. It’s having too many things out of place that is driving me crazy.

My middle daughter’s room is under construction. My husband has been working on taking down wallpaper and repainting, including the ceiling, doors and trim. With only one day off a week, this project has been spread over three weeks. My daughter is sleeping on the floor of my son’s room. All of her furniture, except the bed, is in our room. A pile of her treasures from the walls and shelves lay in the corner of our room as well. Her fish tank is in the hall bath on the counter, making four out of the five rooms upstairs in chaos. We are having house guests for a couple days and they will stay in my oldest daughter’s room. She is joining the chaos by staying in either my son’s room or the basement while they are here. Our middle daughter’s room will still be under construction during Thanksgiving. I really wanted to put up our tree over last weekend, but to do so requires us to move the living room love seat into our room, which is already occupied by additional bedroom furniture.

Today my last kitten is scheduled to go to the vet to be spayed and then onto her new forever home. While cleaning up after grooming my 6th dog yesterday (tis the season for clean dogs), I got a phone call from the shelter. I thought she was calling to make sure I remembered the vet appointment. No, that would be too easy. She was calling because, due to the upcoming holiday, three kittens needed a foster home RIGHT NOW. Yes, she wanted me to drop what I was doing (cleaning up dog hair), while dinner was 15 minutes away from being done, and pick up these kittens. Thankfully they are only five minutes away! “Oh, by the way”, she said, “These kittens need to be separated.” I explained that I only had one crate for them. “Couldn’t you put them in a bathroom for a couple days?”, she asked.

Thankfully, I borrowed a crate from my friend and settled everyone in. I am grateful that my husband and kids have learned to live with the disorder. As much as I hate it, things are still getting done. I guess that only the top layer of my life is chaos. Somewhere underneath lies the organization that gets me from day to day.